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Amor Flamenco, the passion and dynamism of flamenco from the heart. Full theatre presentations, dazzling shows for festivals and breathtaking cabaret routines.

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Amor Flamenco = flamenco from the heart

Brother and sister José and Ana Dueñas León form the heart of Amor Flamenco, a stunning  group capturing all the passion and dynamism of flamenco at its best.

From a duo to a six piece group, Amor Flamenco perform a breathtaking show, leaving audiences spellbound.

Ana and José have been immersed in Flamenco from a young age. Having spent much of their childhood at their home in Córdoba, they absorbed the essence of Flamenco within the family environment.

Ana has studied Flamenco with some of the best teachers from Spain, including La Tati and Belén Maya, and teaches and performs both in Spain and the UK. She has also released a dance instruction video “An Introduction to Flamenco Dance” which has sold worldwide.

José studied primarily with his uncle Antonio Dueñas León, a professional Flamenco guitarist and singer, who passed on an invaluable insight into traditional forms. He has also studied with other well respected guitarists both in Cordóba and Madrid.

Other members of Amor Flamenco include some of the best artists to emerge from Spain, and they complement Ana and José with their prodigious expertise and artistry. Amor Flamenco is more than just a show, it is an unforgettable experience.

New for 2010: José and Ana Dueñas León have created a brand new show entitled ‘Puro’ (Pure).
The company have already wowed audiences all over the country with their previous shows and wanted to express the true essence of this powerful art form by taking it back to it’s most pure form. The urgent rhythm of the guitars, the raw emotion of the singers and the dramatic power of the dancers will move your soul and lift your spirit. Explosive footwork, dazzling costumes, dynamic rhythms and a sensuality hard to resist create an intimacy and connection with the audience that is both mesmerising and unique.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to witness flamenco in it’s most pure and authentic form” (Weekend Guardian)


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