British Military Marching Band

British Military band for hire.

This British Military band is primarily a concert and marching band made up of ex-military musicians from all three services.

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British Military Marching Band's Bio

The band was formed to serve a vital role in providing a top quality professional band for engagements across the country, and they have a unique blend of experience, versatility, talent and traditions.

Marching Bands

The sound of a British military marching band is one of the greatest unique sounds produced. Incorporate that with precision drill and eye catching uniforms and this offers a spectacular combination for any event. Various sized marching bands available to accommodate space and budget.

Fanfare Teams

The spectacular sound of a fanfare team can give any event an air of grandeur. They can provide fanfare teams from four trumpeters up to a nine piece team with trumpets and percussion.

Solo Trumpeters

Their trumpeters can provide an added extra dimension, to weddings, funerals or any other special occasion either as a solo performer or with an organist/pianist.

Concert Bands

From orchestral classics to traditional wind band music, their top quality musicians can adapt to any style.

Brass and Wind Ensembles

Their small groups (brass quintet and wind quintet) can provide music for dinners, mess nights, weddings and all types of corporate events.



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