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Tenors Incognito are professional singers who masquerade as guests, chefs or waiters before revealing their talent. Innovative entertainment for corporate events

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Tenors Incognito and Divas Incognito are innovative and fun entertainment solutions for a whole range of events including corporate functions and private parties. Since their inception the tenors and the divas have performed to royalty and world famous celebrities around the world. The tenors and the divas are also proud to have performed ‘cognito’ at stadium gigs – for football, rugby, cricket and grand prix – around the UK singing the national anthem and/or popular operatic numbers, depending on the event. Our tenors and divas are highly trained professional performers and very experienced at what they do!

Tenors – Guaranteed to dazzle your guests and transform your event, Tenors Incognito is a successfully proven act that involves three dynamic, young and talented, professionally trained male performers who masquerade as guests, security or catering staff and/or chefs.

During the course of the evening they stylishly reveal their operatic and musical theatre vocal talents to an unsuspecting audience culminating in a stunning and memorable finale, a la ‘The Three Tenors’.

Divas Incognito and Tenors Incognito also work brilliantly as an act together i.e. two tenors and a diva, or three tenors and three divas etc, depending on the function and venue, and can appeal to a mixed audience.

Regardless of the arrangement, both Tenors Incognito and Divas Incognito are guaranteed to delight and entertain, and they will ensure an event you – and your clients and/or guests – will never forget!

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