Urban Strawberry Lunch

Urban Strawberry Lunch, Liverpool based, play a variety of musical styles on instruments made from junk. Driving rhythms, pulsating bass lines and sinuous melodies.

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Urban Strawberry Lunch's Bio

Urban Strawberry Lunch are a group of musicians who develop musical enjoyment and creativity in others through music, performances and education work.

It brings people together, helping them to communicate and inspire each other in a special way. It transcends physical and cultural boundaries. It has the potential to empower people, give them energy, identity, self confidence, personal freedom and liberty, as well physical and spiritual well being.

USL are a group who have universal appeal, blending many different musical styles and cultures from Drum ‘n’ Bass to traditional African drumming – creating music that ranges from Ambient to Thrash Metal and everything in between. USL’s gigs fill the air with driving rhythms, pulsating bass lines and melodic sounds – enough to win over even the most jaded and sceptical of audiences.

USL have an impeccable reputation for combining beautiful music with visually stunning instruments, and these elements come together to create a great show. USL can play almost anywhere and are equally at home in the street as they are in theatres, festivals and clubs.

USL began making music on junk when a fire destroyed all of their “real” instruments, the rest is history. They believe that good music can be made on practically anything and draw influences from John Cage to Johnny Rotten, Carl Cox to Carl Heinz Stockhausen, Bootsy Collins to Beethoven.

USL are influenced to a large extent by traditional African poly-rhythmic percussive styles– mainly Ghanaian. The backbone of USL’s music is African, a baseline that runs right through the group’s music. They combine ancient and modern musical forms to create a new and exciting sound, their music is startlingly original in its format and presentation.

Eco-friendly instruments include…

  • The Batphone (sounds like a Bass synthesizer) made from tuned hollow pipes
  • Scrap Kit – drum kit made from plastic barrels and a kitchen sink
  • Didgeridoo made from traffic cones
  • Saxophone made from water pipe
  • Kangazoo made from a film canister and a balloon
  • Car Wheel Gamelan made with car wheels
  • Leg Guitar made from a shop dummy’s leg
  • Cross Bow hammer dulcimer instrument
  • Stick Bass made from a broom handle and an old speaker magnet
  • Longbow – deep sub-bass instrument, made from an archery bow

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