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All I want for Christmas is… fun!

Every business deserves a Christmas party, whether it’s a major corporation or a small independent with just a fee employees.

If you’re a big corporate, chances are you’ve already organised a mega company-wide event. That’s great – enjoy! However, what about your department, your hard-working team, your close colleagues? You might like to treat them to something special, and given their full evening diaries at this time of year, having fun during the working day seems both sensible and just a little bit decadent! 

Small is beautiful

The same applies to any business at the smaller end of the spectrum. You may have booked a table at a themed Christmas party event, where you join other companies for a Christmas meal, a dance to a band or a DJ, and an (expensive) taxi ride home! Enjoyable as these bigger events are, they lack the personal touch, we feel.

So, why not supplement these bigger events with a more intimate celebration with live music, just for your group? At Matters Musical, we have plenty of amazing, surprising, amusing, and 110% enjoyable acts that are more than happy to perform in your office foyer, a restaurant, your boardroom or even in your office. In fact, if you have room to swing a Santa hat or six, we’ve got an act that’ll add more colour and bang for your Xmas buck than a crateful of crackers.

Christmas lunches to savour

Everyone loves a good slap up meal, but what happens afterwards can be a slow fizzle towards 4pm. Book one of our live musical acts to get the energy flowing both during and after a meal, whether a close harmony trio in Santa outfits a la The Andrews Sisters, traditional carol singers, or a fab party band belting out the hits. 

• Party band:

Ring the changes with hot jazz, cool swing, or even a Caribbean steel band and cocktails for a taste of sunshine in December. 

• Steel band:

Or get everyone in on the act to learn how to samba, dance the lindy hop, play a dhol drum, or ring traditional handbells. 

Dohl Drummers:

Sing it yourself

All our cover bands know everyone wants to sing along with those timeless Christmas songs. So this Christmas, who not go the whole hog and hire our karaoke with a live band. They play it, you sing it! 

• Karaoke band 

Are musicians and bands still available for Christmas?

Many of our acts are booked up for the weekends and some evenings, but not always during the day. So you might be able to secure some superb musicians and bands to entertain you , before they do another gig in the evening. If the evening gig is local to you, all the better; it reduces their carbon footprint, travel time and (potentially) their fees. 

If you’d like a cracking good Christmas band to come and entertain your hard-working employees, or even brighten their New year with a surprise event, call us on 01306 741007. We’ll just need to know your date, your location and your budget to create a highly cost-effective entertainment deal just for you.

Corporate entertainment: 2020 is just a month away…

If you’re already planning your 2020 entertainment schedule, and need some inspiration, call us. We’re happy to use our decades of experience to help find the perfect bands and acts for all your corporate events, including product launches, sporting events, company meetings, on-boarding, conferences and more. Call 01306 741007 and ask for Frank, our main man!