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And all that jazz: celebrating International Jazz Day

Jazz musicians

It’s International jazz Day on Tuesday 30th April. So, we’re celebrating by spotlighting some of the superb jazz bands, quartets and acts you can hire from Matters Musical for your own event.

Jazz covers such a wide variety of music that we’ve split our roster of jazz musicians for hire into two groups:

  • Traditional Jazz and Standards Acts
  • Contemporary Jazz Styles acts for hire

(And you’ll also find jazz-based groups in our Global Fusion section too!)

Traditional Jazz

Trad jazz is basically any jazz dating form the 1920s to the 1950s, encompassing the early days of ragtime and New Orleans jazz through the dance crazes of the 30’s, and to the big band sound of the 40s. It’s more a style than a repertoire, often bright, brassy and sassy, with jingling pianos, slapping double bass, a bit of banjo and an exuberance of energy. It can also be gentle, reflective and mellow, but it’s always tuneful and heart-felt.

The Strict Tempo Dance Band

A traditional jazz band ideal for almost any occasion, from drinks party to river cruise. Check out their demo tracks for samples of classic jazz standards played with a sense of fun! 

Silk Street

They think like a trad jazz band, play like a trad jazz band, but the music is anything but standard! Listen to their sound files for “Route 66” or “Twist and Shout” and book them for your next cross-generation event.

78RPM Jazz band

A class act playing the music of the Art Deco era with style and sophistication, and an adaptable lineup to suit a variety of events and locations. 

BroadSide Jazz Band

Everything you would expect from a Jazz band and more! These guys glide effortlessly from cool Rat Pack style Swing to high-energy 50’s and 60’s retro grooves, and even Postmodern Jukebox style songs.

Gypsy Dynamite

Guitar-driven gypsy jazz with stunning vocalists. A blast of passion and energy for any event, from a duo for a drinks receptions to a six piece band for a special party!

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Contemporary Jazz Styles acts for hire

OK, we’ll be honest, a lot of our contemporary acts overlap with traditional acts, because they play standards in modern styles, etc. (Jazz is an impossible genre to nail down!) The good news is that nearly all our acts have demo tracks you can listen to, and most have videos, so you can really get to grips with their style. Have a listen, add your favourites to your shortlist, and enjoy the music!

The FB Pocket Orchestra

Head back to the days of hot jazz, blues, ragtime and popular dances, with this cool and confident band.

Gary Grace

Often the overlooked star of a jazz band is the vocalist. Gary is one of the classiest and most accomplished jazz vocalists in the UK, so no wonder he’s centre stage!

Durga Rising

A fusion of Indian percussion with jazz vocals, and a show like no other based on the cult album. If you listen to no other demo tracks today, listen to theirs. An opportunity not to be missed.

Miss Kiddy and the Cads

The delicious Miss Kiddy and her crafty Cads give modern pop hits a vintage make-over, with the option of a live tap dancer. A toe-tapping treat that’s a show, an experience and a guessing game as to the next chart topper to be given the Miss Kiddy treatment. Highly recommended.

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Not seen/heard what you want?

You know what to do – call us with your requirements and we’ll consult our unique little black book of exceptional jazz musicians in the UK and beyond.