Djembe Thunder

Djembe Thunder are a London based group from Mali, West Africa who play Malian Music. The band’s sound has been described as "raw, untamed and fiery" and the "powerful electric charge" of their performance explains their name.

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Djembe Thunder's Bio

The origin of Djembe Thunder’s music is from the city of Touramaghan Traore in the Mande Region of Mali.

The band’s CV includes supporting Baaba Maal at WOMAD Festival, Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) in the United Arab Emirates and recording for Peter Gabriel.

Djembe Thunder were selected by Jools Holland to perform for HRH Prince Charles, and have been flown out to Brussels especially to perform for the members of the EU Parliament.

Djembe Thunder managed to beat the all-time record by attracting 1,154 participants to its workshop at WOMAD 2014 which led to the band been featured in the Telegraph. They were also selected to perform at a festival organised by the Mayor of London in October 2017.

Other performances have included playing in Barcelona for the Honda Annual Sales event, followed up by a show in Sydney, Australia for the Alpha Club International.

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