Holler n Duck

Think comic songs, think laughter, think audience participation, think brilliance and your there. Holler n Duck are reviving the great tradition of the comic song - Gilbert and Sullivan, Flanders and Swan, Jake Thackeray...

Holler n Duck will have you wiping away tears while rolling in the aisle with laughter.

Lauren Victoria - LBJ Artist Management (Canada)
Holler n Duck's Bio

Holler n Duck are real people: Kevin O’Regan and Kevin Ward. Kevin O’Regan is a superb songwriter whose lyrics have the succinctness and cleverness that are guaranteed to create laughter – one of his songs reached the finals of the UK Songwriting Contest, a prestigious competition organised by major players in the music industry. He plays guitar and piano (no truth in the rumour that he learnt piano by watching Les Dawson clips) and his vocal style is frequently acrobatic! Kevin’s repartee with the audience is second to none and audience participation is guaranteed.

Kevin Ward plays five string fretless bass and makes it an instrument in its own right rather than a background sound. He incorporates chords and harmonics to provide a wide range of textures that compliment the songs and uses it to imitate such things as an elephant and a truck horn! He used to be a serious musician before he met Kevin O’R! He is the straight man of the duo but look out for the smirk on his face when he does something especially clever on the bass!

Both Kevins have extensive experience of music and performing.


“O’Regan and Ward have teamed up as Holler n Duck to bring Britain the best comic/ performance duo since Flanders and Swann. Their witty English humour and comedic timing is complimented by talented musicianship and superior performance skills. Holler n Duck will have you wiping away tears while rolling in the aisle with laughter.”
Lauren Victoria – LBJ Artist Management (Canada)

“The Kevins (Holler n Duck) had the audience alternately enthralled and amused and sometimes both. Their return in October 2017 is already arranged.”
Phil Benson – Atherstone Folk Club

“…if talent is enough to get you where you want to be, then Kevin has a very good chance of getting there.” John Sear in Four Shires Magazine

“Thanks for doing a great job last night…so glad you were there to give the audience a great evening.” Ned Lawton – The Rufus Centre

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