Majuba Zulu Drummers & Dancers

Zulu drummers and dancers for hire.
Majuba| Zulu drummers and dancers for weddings, founded by members of Ipi Tombi. Perform traditional South African & Zulu dances,with accompaniment from drummers

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Majuba (properly ‘Amajuba’) is a Zulu word for ‘Hill of Doves’ and is a 7000 foot high hill in Northern Transvaal. (It was also the setting for the main battle in the first Boer War, when the British got trounced by the Boers.)

This drumming and dancing company was founded in the UK in the 1980s by members of the South African stage show Ipi Tombi, and continues to this day with the intention to spread South African culture around the world.

In performance, the members of Majuba dance traditional South African and Zulu dances, with accompaniment from drummers. The group also incorporates Zulu songs and chants.

Majuba can perform with a minimum of two dancers and two drummers upwards, depending on the situation and duration required.

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