Sylwia Samba Dancer

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Sylwia is a London-based professional Samba dancer who trained with the best Samba teachers like Mayara Lima, Carlinhos Salgueiro and Marcio Dellawegah (Rio de Janeiro).

Sylwia Samba Dancer's Bio

Sylwia has performed for TV shows, parties, corporate events, weddings and on the stage in the UK, Poland and Brazil, including the Notting Hill Carnival in London and Carnival 2019 in Sao Clemente in Brazil.

Sylwia started her Samba journey in Poland then moved to the UK to continue learning in the London School of Samba, where she is now a Passista, one of the best dancers in the Samba school who represent the school during the shows. Sylwia is also a Passista in Sao Clemente (Samba school) in Rio de Janerio.

Her skills and hard work have been appreciated and she was offered a position of a Musa during the 2022 Rio de Janeiro carnival! It is a huge honour! A Musa is someone who inspires all elements of a carnival. It is someone who has an honorary solo position and has strong ties to all disciplines within the samba school.

Sylwia can perform as a solo dancer, with a group of dancers or with a group of dancers and drummers.

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