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Colour Your Event, Holi Day Style!

Indian girl covered in paint for Holi

The annual festival of Holi is when the whole of Northern India explodes. The ‘festival of colours’, also known as the ‘festival of love’, is celebrated the day after the first full moon in March. It’s a day spent smearing total strangers in coloured powder and water. And with music, dancing and bhang lassi in the mix, there is plenty to get the party started!


Holy cow! It’s Holi Moo!

One of the biggest and brashest Holi parties is New Delhi’s Holy Cow festival, known as Holi Moo. This year the festival celebrates its 11th anniversary and promises to be bigger, better, louder, and more colourful than ever before. Over 40 of the best independent Indian and international acts will be brought together in a fusion of tradition and techno across 4 different stages: World Music/Bolly, Indie/Experimental, Hip-Hop and Electronic music.


Holi at home

If New Delhi is stretching those purse strings a little too far, there’s nothing to stop you joining in the fun here in the UK. Take The Magic of India Holi Festival in London on March 3rd. This family event has DJs, live drumming, dancing, free giveaways, dry colour powder play and so much more!

Why not stand out from the crowd and stage your own celebration, Holi-style? At Matters Musical, we have a kaleidoscope of Asian artists waiting in the wings, ready to shower any special event with colourful creativity.


Great ideas for a wholly Holi event!

Here are just a few of the ways our acts can help you achieve a hint of Holi at home:

Dye, Dancing & Dhols

The Punjab Dancers are guaranteed to add a splash of colour and energy to any occasion. Their repertoire includes elaborate drum (Dhol) solos, ladies Punjabi dances (Giddah) and popular Hindi film songs. For a touch of sophistication, try Crishna and Camilita. These two lady dancers are ideal for clients seeking to intrigue their guests with more traditional dance styles. But if it’s banging beats you’re after, then look no further than Ministry of Dhol. Led by Prithpal ‘Funky Dholi’ Rajput, this troop drums up a cutting-edge style, based on traditional Bhangra roots.

Punjab Dancers, The

Crishna and Camilita

Ministry of Dhol

New Beginnings

Looking for a theme for a housewarming party? Or perhaps something to help you wrap up winter and sail into spring? Baluji Shrivastav and Jazz Orient take the spirituality of the sitar and the smooth syncopations of jazz, then fuse them with dance and improvisation. A mystical journey between the old and the new.

Baluji Shrivastav / Jazz Orient

Colourful Romance

The Holi festival is rooted in notions of love and fertility. So, show your love at your wedding party with romantic Bollywood songs and timeless classics. Sangeeta is a superb British Asian singer, especially popular for wedding parties and just as at home with Bhangra as Bollywood classics.


Call us for music in colour!

So, if you’re planning an event where the paint flies and the music flows, you’ll find details of all our acts in our  Asian and Far East genre. Browse the artists Profile pages to find everything you need to make your Holi-day (or any day) burst into colour.