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Fantastic displays: fireworks to live music

Fireworks to music for guy Fawkes

Are you planning a bonfire night celebration with fireworks? Why not buck the trend for fireworks to recorded music and opt for a live performance instead!

Fireworks to music

The massive London New Year firework display is always accompanied by music – and yours can be too. Many professional fireworks companies will co-ordinate your display to pre-recorded music of your choice. However, if you’re mounting your display yourself, (or with a smaller company), here’s one way to make your firework event stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons – live music.

Live firework music – nothing new!

Of course, Handel kicked off the whole trend on a commission from King George II, writing the “Music for the Royal Fireworks” for a fireworks display in London’s Green Park on 27 April 1749. Such was the excitement that 12,000 people came to listen to the rehearsal a week earlier, even without any fireworks. 

Unfortunately the event itself was a bit of a damp squib due to poor weather conditions, and a loose firework setting fire to one of the pavilions during the show!  

Live or recorded music? 

Nowadays, most displays are performed to recorded music, which we think is a lost opportunity. Imagine the fun of a live band on display playing covers of favourite songs, accompanied by the visual magnificence of fireworks! The National Trust and others have done this successfully with classical music played by orchestras, but live pop bands are much more of a rarity. Many UK fireworks nights opt instead for live music before and after the display. 

We guess this is because of the logistics of computer-controlled split-second timing for fireworks and the natural variations in the tempi of songs performed live. However, for smaller displays, it’s certainly an opportunity your display committee could grasp!

Fireworks for Diwali

This year, Diwali falls on Sunday October 27th, just a week before most Bonfire Night celebrations the following weekend, and just a few days before Halloween. if you’re planning a special fireworks display for Diwali, who not celebrate in style with live music and dancers at your event? Call us for details of our Indian music performers and dancers .

DJS and fireworks

Ally Pally’s Firework Festival, held on 1 and 2 November, is leading the revolution towards specially commissioned music and fireworks (as well as a bier fest, ice skating and classic films in the cinema). Their 2019 display will be “curated to a special music soundtrack put together by Radio 1 and BBC6 Music presenter, Rob Da Bank”, and the Family tent includes live folk, bluegrass and “fun covers” bands.

Celebrating in style

In Kent, the Leeds Castle Fireworks Spectacular is as much about the day as the events. The whole event kicks off at 2pm so visitors and enjoy the food stalls, live music, funfair before the display at a family-friendly 5.30pm. This year it should be quite a sight, with 25,000 starbursts set to explode over the castle lake to celebrate the castle’s 900th anniversary. 

Low noise displays

Fireworks displays are not fun for everyone, especially close neighbours, senior residents, and local pet owners. (Many dogs are terrified of noisy fireworks.) 

There’s a growing trend for so-called silent fireworks, that combine all the visual spectacle of traditional fireworks but without the loud bangs, piercing whistles and screaming rockets that many displays feature. 

So, well done to the organisers of the Wild Wolf Explorer Scout Unit fireworks display in north London. For the third year, they are providing a special early evening low noise firework display for young children and those with autism. It takes place at 5.30pm before the main display, and the gates open at 4pm, so everyone can enjoy the food stalls, and marshmallow toasting on the bonfire.

Branding your bangs

Now this really is rather clever. At Legoland Windsor, you can enjoy a 3D firework display. Wearing special Lego 3D glasses, the fireworks will appear to explore into thousands of tiny Lego bricks.  

At Edenbridge Bonfire 2019, it’s more about the giant guys! These are two 12m tall effigies, one of Guy Fawkes, and one of a ‘celebrity’ selected by the committee only 10 days before the event. The firework display happens over the heads of these burning effigies!

Live music for your fireworks event

If you’re inspired to have live music at your event, call us pronto. We can provide all kinds of sparkling entertainment to light up your event, from covers bands to Bollywood dancers, mix and mingle entertainers and military bands. Call us with your requirements for any type of event, big or small. 

Please note that for safety’s sake, our acts will only want to perform at an organised public display or event, not private family fireworks parties. For more information on organising a fireworks display at any time of year, see