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Father and daughter Dhol performance

This Friday we’re delighted to share a lockdown dhol performance by Prithpal Rajput and his daughter Selena.

Prithpal founded the Ministry of Dhol in 1993 and over the years has earned the reputation of being the pioneer dhol performance group in the UK.

Prithpal is a highly skilled multi percussionist and a charismatic live performer. Acknowledged as a veteran dhol player in the UK, he kicked off his career by playing for many Bhangra bands and world fusion bands and has toured the globe as the lead percussionist for the Asian Dub Foundation.

He’s joined in this lockdown performance by his daughter, Selina, who is part of the Ministry of Dhol’s sister company, Miss MOD.

Check out the full recording here and learn more about the Ministry of Dhol and Miss MOD.