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Five reasons to book wedding entertainment through an entertainment agency

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s so much to organise! Don’t take on more stress than needed, our wedding entertainment team will make planning easy.

Here’s our top five reasons why booking your wedding entertainment through Matters Musical can save you time, money and worry!


1. Call us with your wedding party dreams

Every wedding is different, so why settle for a ‘one band fits all’ approach when our team can create a bespoke wedding entertainment program designed specifically for you, your venue and your guests. Whether you just want a wedding band that rocks your party, or musical moments throughout your special day, call us. We’ll put together a bespoke, cost-effective quote that’ll make every moment extra special.


2. Hear (or see) before you book

No time to ring and talk? Every Matters Musical artist, band, or performer has their own page on our website where you can view their photos, read all about them, listen to audio tracks or view videos. So, you can check out their sound, style or show, and add them to your shortlist. Just send your list to us with a few details from our website, and we’ll check availability, pricing and options for you.


3. No dramas on the day

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is if the band will set themselves up in the right place – or even turn up! By booking your wedding entertainment through Matters Musical, we do all the work briefing the artists and making sure they understand what’s happening, when. We’ll also contact your venue to ensure they can accommodate our artists’ needs and logistical requirements such as sufficient performance space, power supply, etc.

So, on the day, everyone know what’s happening, when, and in what location. We’ll even pay the artists and bill you direct, if you wish. So all you have to worry about is, well, nothing!


4. Wide range of acts, artists and performers

At matters Musical, we specialist in world music acts. So if you’d like something a little different rather than a string quartet at the church and a covers band in the evening, you can choose from a whole world of musical and physical performances to delight, amaze and entertain. We’ve over 400 acts to choose from, from Arabic bands and Bollywood dancers, to vocal groups and zydeco bands, so you’ll have plenty to choose from!


5. One point of contact

With so many different suppliers involved in your wedding day, from bellringers to caterers, it’s easy to lose track of timings and overlook details. By booking through a music agency like Matters Musical, you only need to have one number on your smartphone for your wedding entertainment – ours. If you have any questions or changes, you just call us. No need to ring around several bands or musicians and leave endless messages when timings change – we’ll inform everyone involved and make sure they have the most up to date information.

So, for hassle-free wedding entertainment, call us at Matters Musical., and reduce your stress levels today!