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Get your employees motivated with music

people with drumsticks in their hands at a workshop
  • Need to onboard new staff?
  • Want to boost employee engagement?
  • Or just looking for something fun to deliver a double measure of team spirit?

The concept of team building is nothing new, and we’ve all probably been through it at some stage. However, organising an original team-building event that is guaranteed to get employees engaged from the outset is a different matter. On an ever-expanding mission to achieve lasting harmony in the workplace, more organisations are tuning in to the potential of corporate music workshops.

Time to change the tune

What do you expect from team building? Building rafts out of tin cans or towers from spaghetti is so last year. Music workshops are the new corporate trend and with good reason. No previous experience is required, and there is no need to read music or be able to play (or sing) a note. It’s all about learning a new skill together from experts who love to help people work together.

A musical workshop puts every employee on the same level, and in a creative space that is new to all. Through team interaction, support, trust, communication and creativity, employees are instantly involved and allowed to express creativity that often has a limited place in their everyday work. Companies who use music and creative workshops are usually amazed at the results achieved when employees enjoy performing together as a group.

Breaking the motivational mould

At Matters Musical we have a range of diverse acts offering workshops that can be customised to suit any team or organisation. Here are just a few, sure to inspire the weariest (or should that be the wariest) of workforces:

  • Bring everyone onside with the Rhythmworks Team-Working Experience. This workshop uses the unique team ethic of Japanese Taiko drumming which encourages discipline, commitment and focus. Concentrating on co-operation, mutual awareness and mutual respect, it builds a solid and lasting platform for total team togetherness.



  • Need an inspirational icebreaker or a post-lunch motivator for your conference? Talking Drums is a drumming workshop offered by Drum ‘n’ Didg, a distinctive duo playing music and rhythms from around the world. Talking Drums is the perfect solution for corporate events or any situation requiring inspiration, stress relief, team building or just plain fun!

Drum ‘n’ Didg / Mark Walker’s Talking Drums

  • Ring the changes in your organisation with a handbell ringing workshop. Gay and Alan Cooper combine music making, physical activity and teamwork in just a few flicks of the wrist! With a Britain’s Got Talent-style ‘ring-off’ concluding the session, it has to be worthy of the Golden Buzzer!

Gay and Alan Cooper : Handbell Ringers

  • Ever banged out a rhythm on a saucepan or rung out a tune on some empty bottles? Urban Strawberry Lunch do just that! They perform everything from traditional African drumming to Drum ‘n’ Bass on instruments made from nothing but junk. An empowering workshop which will inspire, energise, improve communication skills, boost self-confidence and encourage creative recycling!

Urban Strawberry Lunch

  • In addition to playing live gigs throughout Europe and Australia, Kangaroo Moon are on a mission to spread their unique blend of world, rock, folk and even electronic and dance music. They offer workshops which introduce people to the inspiring effects of rhythm, movement and melody. So why not motivate your team, marsupial-style?

Elliet Mackrell / Kangaroo Moon

  • Fancy being transported to an old-time era of sideshows, music hall and vaudeville? Old Time Rags offer workshops which will have your team broom-twirling, hooting through kazoos, strumming on the washboard, and tapping out a tune or two on the spoons.

Old Time Rags, The

Not sure what type of team building workshop to book?

If you’re in need of some top team building or simply searching for a unique conference cabaret, but just not sure quite what, give us a call at Matters Musical on 01306 741007. Talk us through your event, and we’ll suggest top team building events that your employee will remember and enjoy remembering long after the event.