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How to book the right musicians for a Indian wedding

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Traditional Indian weddings are a whirlwind of family meetings and formal ceremonies, so booking experienced musicians for your wedding can take a lot of planning.

Not with Matters Musical! We have highly experienced Indian musicians, bands and singers ready to make your celebrations extra special. So whether you’re booking two months or two weeks before your special day/weekend, call us first.

Traditional Indian wedding ceremony music

Your traditional wedding will include several separate occasions where music plays an important role. But which musicians are right for which occasion?

Your Mehndi ceremony

As the bride, your musical celebrations start at your mehndi ceremony, a ‘ladies only’ occasion that is relaxed and informal. Consider a traditional classical duo of sitar and tabla, or a trio with tampura, or a classical Indian santoor player.

The Sangeet ceremony

Those first formal introductions of the bride to her new family can be a little nerve-wracking. So, why not relax your guests (and yourselves) with superb entertainment that takes the pressure of you both a little! Consider a playful Bollywood band, a due of Indian dancers, or a more unusual fusion act such as our Bhangra Latina dance act.

The Shaadi (wedding ceremony)

The groom’s baraat or procession can be as big, brash and bold as you want! While the traditional arrival on horseback isn’t for every groom (many prefer four wheels and more horsepower these days), you can still announce your arrival in style with brash sounds of the Bollywood Brass Band, or a bhangra band, a troupe of dohl drummers, some Bollywood dancers – or all of them, for a procession your guests will remember for a very long time!

For at traditional Hindi wedding shaadi, the music is usually Gujarati weddings songs (lagna geet), shennai, or folk songs (fatanas). You can also choose Bollywood music played by a live band, a fusion band, or a specialist Indian wedding DJ. Whichever you choose, your performers should always consult with your priest to ensure their music complements your ceremony.

Your Indian wedding reception

As everyone sits down to enjoy your wedding meal, provide gentle background music for an authentic soundtrack by a classical group or perhaps a Bollywood orchestra complete with soaring strings and vocals.

Then, get everyone onto the dance floor with a live band that reaches across the generations and gets everyone involved, such as the Bollywood-inspired 515 Crew, a bhangra band or a talented covers band that can play almost anything you like!

The bride’s farewell

Accompany your bridal farewell to family and friends with traditional vidaai songs, or perhaps songs from a new breed of Asian cross-over singers, a touching and memorable ending to your celebrations.

Other traditional Indian entertainment

For more ideas, check out our Asian and Far East musicians section, including groundbreaking 90s fusion album Durga Rising, strolling street band Chutney!, The Punjab dancers and more.

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