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It’s carnival time! 5 great acts for any Rio-inspired event

Viramundo dancers - perfect for carnival parties

In Brazil, the party’s just started for the first Olympic Games held in South America. If you want the sounds and sights of the Rio carnival at your next event, or just to book a band for a party, here’s five great suggestions from the Matters Musical team.


1. Book an authentic samba band

Bring the sounds of Rio to the streets of the UK with a genuine samba band. Authentic samba is loud, bold, and gets everyone smiling and shaking what their mother gave them! Led by their fearless bateria (drummers), UK based Bloco Do Sul play Brazilian samba that’ll get everyone’s attention from the first drum beat to the last.


2. Take the temperature up with sizzling Brazilian dancing

Brazilian dancers really know how to strut their stuff. With broad smiles and stunning costumes, a Brazilian dance group such as the Viramundo Dancers make an immediate visual impact and then entertain with shimmying moves from the ladies and street-style acrobatics by the lads. Book them while they’re hot!


3. Limbo on down

Limbo dancers like our very own Itara never cease to fascinate! Itara amazed the ITV This Morning team with her gravity-defying limbo dancing, and she can stun your guests too.


4. Authentic Brasilian Choro

Looking for the authentic sounds of Brazil for your bar, restaurant or reception? Choro Bandido play choro music, an irresistible mix of samba and jazzy ragtime rhythms from 1920’s Rio. Image the Jeeves and Wooster soundtrack with a Latin heart and a virtuoso violinist and you’re only halfway there! This band are just one of a handful of bands playing this style of music in the UK. Unique, unexpected and highly enjoyable.


5. Brazil on a budget

Not got the cash for a full-blown carnival? The Sambossa Duo bring the sounds of Rio to the most intimate of spaces, combining the vocal talents of singer Elisangela and guitarist Paul. If you’ve a bit more space (and a bit more budget to blow) they can be joined by a percussionist and a saxophonist.


But why stop there?

Decorate your venue with tropical foliage, or even bring the beach to your venue complete with some palm trees and a beach volleyball competition!

Delight guests with the drinks of Brazil, from exotic cocktails created by mixologists to the Brazilian national cocktail, the caipirinha, made with fiery cachaça (fermented sugarcane juice).

Treat your tastebuds to traditional Brazilian food treats such as grilled steaks, moqueca (fish stew), pão de queijo (cheese bread), and acarajé, a ball of crushed black-eyed peas, palm oil and pureed onions, stuffed with dried shrimp and spicy vatapá shrimp paste.

For dessert, serve teeth-tinglingly sweet brigadeiros (truffles), the traditional set custard quindim or a superfood fuelled açaí frozen sorbet. Delicious!

Call Matters Musical to book your Brazilian superstars, or check out our Latin acts here.