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Let’s party like its 3rd April 2019!

Party for World Party Day 2019

Weds 3 April is World Party Day. Yes, there really is one. It’s one of those lovely ‘awareness’ days that springs from a feeling that change can happen in different ways. World Party Day is about achieving social change and unity by partying to celebrate life itself.

According to Time and Date:

“The holiday is inspired by the ending of the 1995 novel, Flight: A Quantum Fiction Novel, by Vanna Bonta, where a countdown is set to April 3, 2000 when a worldwide synchronized celebration occurs. The first Party Day was held around the world in 1996.”

To be honest, we’re not too worried about the origins, it’s more the practice we’re interested in! So, if you’re planning a meeting or a celebration on 3April, why not turn it into a party. All you need is a space, some guests – and live entertainment from Matters Musical!

Why hold a party on Weds 3 April?

Good Availability

OK, fit’s a ‘school night’, so that’s really in your favour. Lots of bands and artists who are busy at the weekends will probably be available for your event. The same probably applies to venues, from village halls to hotels. Your guests are unlikely to have too much booked beyond clubs and sports practice, unless they are hooked on the BBC TV series “MotherFatherSon”, in which case they can catch up on the BBC iPlayer later like the rest of us!

Too Darn Hot – songs from 50s up to today as a trio or 5 piece band.

Too Darn Hot

Size isn’t everything

You don’t need to have a big venue or even a long guest list to have a party to remember, Neither do you need a band with a large lineup either: we have some tremendous duo and trio acts that can fit into smaller spaces and venues.

The Blue Drops – talented duo who can play acoustically or with backing tracks.

Blue Drops, The

Be Spontaneous

Go on, be spontaneous! Forget the venue, and see who has a mini marquee you can stick up in the back garden. Invite the neighbours first! Book locally-based entertainment from Matters Musical to cut down on your event’s carbon footprint – less travel for them, less travel expenses for you! Then use social media to spread the word and for guests to RSVP.

Party Down – they do what it says on the tin!


Last night a DJ saved my life

Or at least, got everyone up and dancing with a fab mix of favourite pop classics and contemporary songs. A good DJ is basically a party in a van, especially those who come with lighting as well!

Melodic Professional DJ Services – lights, lasers and superb sound systems

Melodic Professional DJ Services

Celebrate life with world music

Celebrate diversity with music from another country, culture or hemisphere. Ask guests to bring their favourite “Mum’s recipe” dish for an impromptu buffet that will be both eclectic and tasty too!

Imbube Drummers and Dancers – the sounds of South Africa.

Imbube UK Drummers & Dancers

Live and learn

Many of our acts offer workshops, so your guests can enjoy great entertainment and learn something new at the same tie, whether it’s some smart samba loves, how to limbo, or dhol drumming. Just browse or call us for suggestions.

The Dhol Drummers – learn from one of the best groups in the UK!

Dhol Drummers, The

Party entertainment advice all year round

Not sure what live music to have at your party? Call us at Matters Musical and we’ll guide you through a whole range of ideas for a great party that everyone will remember for all the right reasons.