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Planning your 2017 wedding entertainment

wedding entertainment

Planning a wedding in summer 2017? Chances are you’ve booked your venue.

If you haven’t done so, NOW’s the time to book your wedding entertainment. Just like the best venues and marquee hire companies, the UK’s top wedding party bands are booked months (if not years) in advance. So if you’ve got your heart set on one of our experienced party bands here at Matters Musical, and haven’t booked them yet for summer 2017, call us pronto!

Wedding and party bands for summer 2017

The good news is, many of our wedding cover bands do have availability during summer 2017, including weekends. As many UK brides are now choosing to have weddings on weekdays to save money on venue and catering costs, our bands are increasingly being booked for evening parties on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, as well as the more traditional Saturday nights. Unlike wedding venues, who inevitably charge a weekend premium, our performers won’t necessarily be cheaper on one night than another, but they are more likely to be available.

Early booking ensures you can have the type of evening wedding party entertainment you want, including a professional freelance DJ rather than the venue’s own. Booking in advance also gives you more options in terms of other entertainment during the day, such as musicians for your wedding ceremony or drinks reception.

Beware of band splits…

If you book your wedding entertainers direct with the performers, there is a drawback to early booking. Just like the best pop bands, function bands are prone to splits and break-ups, and the band you booked 18 months ago might not exist by the time your wedding comes around.

By booking wedding entertainment through Matters Musical, you can completely avoid that risk. Many of our acts have been with us for years, and we have a good relationship with all 400+ of them. So, if there is an issue looming, we’ll know well in advance. We’ll also be able to suggest and arrange an alternative band or performer of an equal standard for your special day.

New wedding and function bands for 2017

Also, it’s worth bearing in mind that there are terrific new bands and acts being formed all the time. We work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of wedding entertainment trends, and are always taking on new acts that fit our criteria of musical and performance excellence. So you can be sure your wedding entertainment is not just superb, but on trend too. What nicer wedding present could you have than an up and coming band or musician playing at your wedding who then goes on to be amazingly successful! (It does happen…)

For more details of our wedding acts, musicians, including those specialising in Indian, Arabic and Turkish weddings, you can:

  • Use the special Search feature on our home page
  • Fill in our enquiry form
  • Call us on 01306 741007 during office hours, and we’ll talk through your unique requirements.

With Matters Musical, you can choose, book and tick off “wedding entertainment” on your 2017 wedding list in just days, not weeks!