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School workshops with the wow factor

Schools music workshops

You won’t need us to remind you that the kids will go back to school next week (finally!). While most parents will probably be breathing a huge sigh of relief, teachers will be busy planning a packed term ahead.

If it’s your allotted task this term to come up with innovative ideas for unusual events or celebrations, or just some extra musical activities, we can help. Many of our artists offer schools workshops that’ll keep your students engrossed, engaged and eager to try out new skills.


Indian Drumming

The Dhol Drummers offer exciting workshops on a wide range of musical instruments, according to your school’s requirements. Their workshops can be tailored for all ages and abilities, from young school children to teenagers. All their workshops are led by experienced, professional musicians who have undergone the relevant Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (formally known as CRB checks.)


Senegal Kora

Jali Fily Cissokho is a master of the Senegal kora, and highly experienced in introducing all ages to the rhythms and sounds of his native country. His  adaptable approach makes his a firm favourite for all age groups, ranging from pre-school to young adults.


Zulu Music and Dance

Introduce your school to a whirlwind of traditional South African harmonies and high-energy, athletic dance with Zulu Entertainers. All members of this young and vibrant group are experienced educators with a choice of workshops that all encourage diversity awareness,  ethnic, religious and racial equality, community building and international understanding.


African Acrobatics

How about this for a really unusual physical education class?! The Bantu African Acrobatic Group combine traditional acrobatics and dance in their innovative workshops; choose from drumming, tribal dance, gumboot dance, Maasai dance, limbo, acrobatics and hoop diving!


Workshops for Early Years Children

Music Mites are an exceptional group that focus on providing super workshops and creative fun  for little ones. They can create workshops on themes aligned to aspects of the Early Years National Curriculum, or provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly music workshops in foundation stage settings. For school fairs, special days or open days, they offer music and craft activities centred around a theme of your choice or provide enjoyable activities the whole family can join in with.

For more information on school music workshops available from Matters Musical, just give us a call. We’re happy to help with suggestions for groups that will grab your student’s attention and hold it from start to finish – and probably beyond!