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Take 5 groups suitable for socially distanced performances

We have a wonderful selection of artists from all around the World who are suitable for socially distanced performances and we’re delighted to introduce you to five of them today.

First up we have Swan Dyer, Vicki & Jonny specialise in Swedish music for all occasions. They can add that touch of Swedish sparkle to any Swedish based event, whether it’s midsommar, Lucia or a wedding.

Our second act are Los Soneros, a highly talented Latin American duo who have created their own exciting and distinctive style and sound with their strong vocal harmonies and innovative use of acoustic guitar in the traditional salsa line-up.

Next up is Modou Ndiaye, a virtuoso kora player, vocalist, drummer and percussionist with a superb repertoire of rhythms fusing together traditional and modern beats.

Our fourth showcase is Aurora who will take you on a journey through Gay Paris, from the cobbled streets of Montmartre to the Parisian cafés with their old-fashioned charm and romance. She has a powerful and expressive voice and an extensive repertoire of famous French songs – from “Les Feuilles Mortes” (Autumn Leaves) to “La Mer” (Beyond The Sea).

Our final artist today is the harpist Valeria, who has an accomplished repertoire that includes classical, jazz, blues, pop, Bollywood and musicals, as well as her own compositions and improvisations. Her beautiful harp playing is guaranteed to delight.

Contact us for more information on any of these groups or socially distanced bookings.