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The ultimate surprise Valentine’s Day gift: live music

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you’ve run out of ideas. You’ve done the red roses, romantic getaway, personalised jewellery, the hand-written poetry. So, now what?

Cue the ultimate romantic gesture – live music performed just for them! From a single singer serenading to a full orchestra, here are our top 5 musical Valentine’s Day ideas to make their hearts sing.

1. Fill your home with lurve

Turn your home into the most romantic venue in town, filled with beautiful romantic music when your loved one arrives back at the end of a long day. Imagine a harpist in your home, a a flautist in your flat, a string quartet around your sofa, or even a guitarist in your garage! Our talented musicians are usually up for fun and surprises – just call us with your ideas and we’ll do our best to make them happen.

2. Delightfully special dinners

Make that Valentine’s Day dinner just a little more special with a surprise performance by one of our talented acts. So why not book a private dining room in a restaurant or hotel, and amaze your loved one with an a cappella group singing “your” song in 4 part harmony. Or sit back between main course and dessert, to be entertained with a star turn by a musical cabaret act, created just for you two.

3. Serenade in style

Is the sound of your singing voice more likely to break windows than hearts? It’s time to bring in the professionals, from operatic tenors and sopranos to Rat Pack crooners. Some solo singers (but not all) perform with professional backing tracks and small sound systems, so in theory they can sing almost anywhere. (In practice, however, most will want to sing inside in February!)

4. Trumpet your love

Go on, let the world know how you feel! From a trumpet fanfare to a troupe of dohl drummers, start their day with something special as they leave for work, or pop out of the office to meet you for lunch! And your Valentine Day surprise doesn’t have to be musical either. Why not have a stilt walker present them with your Valentine’s gift, or a street magician magic up a romantic message?

5. The more the merrier

Let’s face it everyone you know who is part of a couple will also be looking at the prices of organised Valentine’s Day events and sucking their teeth. So, why not organise your own? Club together with some friends, hire a venue, and stage your own exclusive evening, with exactly the kind of entertainment you enjoy. Whether you want a throwback 1970s band or a contemporary cover band, a disco or a tea dance, it’ll work out far more cost-effective than an OK dinner at a restaurant and an overpriced rose or six.

For more information and Valentine’s Day inspiration, call us at Matters Musical.