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Top tips for booking your 2017 wedding entertainment

You’ve fixed a date. You’ve booked the bridesmaids. You’ve visited venues, checked out churches and registry offices, and measured up the back garden for a marquee (maybe).

So, what’s left on the list? OK, there’s the dress and the flowers, but don’t forget – to get the wedding entertainment you really want, you’ll need to book this early too.

According to the wedding time planner at The Knot, you should be booking those crucial professional wedding services 8-10 months before the Big Day. So, if you’re having a wedding in summer 2017, it’s definitely time to contact caterers, photographers, toastmasters, and your wedding entertainment providers.

Planning wedding entertainment can be a bit daunting, especially given that most weddings are spread over a longer period of time than the average birthday party. It helps to divide your day into time slots, and work out what entertainment you would like in each.

Wedding ceremony

Whatever type of wedding ceremony or civil partnership ceremony you are having, be it church, registry office, or at a licensed venue, live music always makes it more personal, memorable and more enjoyable. So, think about:

  • music before the ceremony as your guests assemble
  • sung music during the ceremony, whether hymns or a solo singing songs special to you
  • instrumental music at the Signing of the Register
  • exit music

You don’t have to stick with tradition either. So long as the clergy are happy, there is no reason why you can’t have an ‘a capella’ group or pop singer singing in church, for example. However, a civil wedding ceremony (i.e. not one in church) must not include any religious music. That’s why many couples opt for classical music or pop songs. There’s a nice list at Perfect Wedding, if you need some inspiration.

Drinks reception

The main reason most weddings feature a drinks reception is to give guests a chance to mix and mingle in comfortable surroundings while you have your wedding photos taken! Given that nearly every wedding photo session runs waaaaay over time, clever couples include some entertainment as well as drinks and canapés. So, you might have an acoustic duo or trip playing and perhaps a roving street magician surprising guests with clever tricks. For a more fun experience, hire cocktail mixologists to create a special bespoke cocktail, and a roving mariachi band to keep the fun flowing.

Wedding meal/wedding breakfast

Once you start booking wedding entertainment, it’s sometimes very hard to stop! However, don’t feel obliged to have wall-to-wall music throughout the meal, or indeed any music at all. By the time people sit down to eat, they are hungry, glad to take the weight off their legs, and more than ready to tuck into a delicious meal. Getting everyone seated can take a little time, and this is where a roving entertainer can really come into their own. Tabletop magicians can thrill guests at their tables before and during gaps between courses, or perhaps think out of the box with paper silhouette artists or caricaturists.

Generally, most musicians would agree that you can’t concentrate on enjoying a meal and fully appreciating a musical performance at the same time. Especially if the meal includes something crunchy! Instead, make a dedicated slot for any entertainment, such as between the main course and dessert. Ensure it’s something that commands attention, like a Brazilian dance troupe, a comedy string quartet, or Bollywood band. Then, after dessert, your guests can enjoy the speeches and still have time for a rest before the evening party! Hiring a toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies can help keep all parts of the meal and speeches on track, calling the room to order with professional ease and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Evening wedding party

This is your chance to really excite your guests with a party band that are truly exceptional. From four piece cover bands playing rock and pop, to glitzy 1970s retro funk bands costumed in flares, sequins and massive wigs, there is a cover band to suit all types of weddings. The secret is to find one that will appeal to the widest cross-section of your guests list, from Gran to pre-teen kids. So, the best cover bands will play 1950s and 1960s hits, expertly mixed with fun tracks for the kids and seriously good classic tracks for everyone in between!

Choosing the right wedding party band is as much a bout style as repertoire, so that’s why we include lots of photos as well as demo tracks on each cover band profile here at Matters Musical. So, you can see the slick, smart style of party band extraordinaire Ambassador, listen to the shameless 70s disco favourites played by Carwash, and enjoy the Britpop playlist of cover band Hussy (check out their feedback too, it is amazing!)

Needless to say, if you want a top cover band, be prepared to book early and pay an appropriate level of fee. Top wedding bands don’t come cheap, but they earn every penny in terms of sheer performance energy, power and professionalism.

Zaffa bands, Hindi singers, Turkish drummers and other specialist wedding entertainment
If your wedding traditions require specialist artists, we’ve probably got them on our books. Call us with your specific requirements.

Not sure what to book? Ask us!

Not sure which entertainer (or entertainment) will suit your wedding theme or guest list? Call us and we can talk through your specific requirements, and suggest entertainment that’s exciting, interesting and engaging for you and your guests.