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Unplugged: the joy of acoustic entertainment

Acoustic music - mandolin and guitar

Need an act with a big impact without being loud? From classical guitarists and pianists to violinists and flautists, it’s time to go all-out acoustic.

Unplugged and unparalleled

Here are 8 good reasons to cut those cables and open your mind to all things acoustic:

  1. Best for background – For drinks receptions and dinners, acoustic performers can be quieter and less intrusive.
  2. Versatility – Bands which offer an acoustic duo or trio as ‘background’ for an afternoon drinks reception can often transform into a fully amplified band for an evening party. Many acoustic musicians are even happy to wander amongst tables and between rooms. (Particularly beneficial if you need the entertainment to flow from indoors to outdoors.)
  3. Budget benefits – Acoustic artists often come in smaller packages. Whilst soloists and duos might cut the price, they won’t leave you short on quality.
  4. No space too small – A solo musician without the burden of amps and wires is perfect when space is at a premium.
  5. Stress free – If your timeline is tight, acoustic acts won’t need hours to set up. Plus, no wires, amps and microphones means no risk of technical or power problems.
  6. Power free – These days, you can party in pretty much anything from crypts to old train carriages, tree-houses to cinemas. For unusual venue choices, or historic venues where a conventional power supply may not be available or allowable, acoustic wins again!
  7. Sound unlimited – Sound limiters are installed by venues to enforce local council noise restrictions. A threshold of 95 decibels (dB) is a common limit. This often causes problems for amplified bands, but would not cause problems for the majority of acoustic acts.
  8. Unforgettable – There is an abundance of acoustic entertainment designed for ‘themed’ occasions. These are the unusual, specialist and talented acts which will keep your guests talking long after your event.

Wow-factor without the wires!

At Matters Musical we have an awe-inspiring array of acoustic acts. For an event that’s knock out without the noise, here’s just a taste of what we have on offer:

  • Paul Kerr is an Irish singer and guitarist whose sheer versatility makes him a perfect choice. He performs as a soloist, in a duo, a trio or at the heart of the bands Beckett and Acoustica! He covers traditional and contemporary Irish, Scottish and English folk music alongside pop covers and jazz classics.

Paul Kerr / Beckett

  • Add a touch of class to your next corporate event, with captivating flautist Jennifer Raven. For a little more variety, book her alongside pianist Chris Hopkins or harpist Federica Mossone. Or, why not multiply your flute by eight? The result: Ayre, a fantastic group of female flautists who are sure to mesmerise.

Jennifer Raven

  • Make your wedding day truly unique by booking the Urban Soul Orchestra. This soulful string ensemble transforms itself into an acoustic ensemble for indoors and outdoors, featuring their trademark lush strings and funky arrangements. Whether you’re looking for classical music or contemporary pop and soul, the small but perfectly formed acoustic sets from Urban Soul Orchestra feature something for everyone.

Urban Soul Orchestra

  • Hosting a Greek wedding or looking to add a Mediterranean twist to a summer party? Looking for a sound that will instantly transport you to an old Greek taverna? Moosootoo’s skilful blend of the old and the new, performed on traditional Greek instruments has everything to get your guests in the holiday mood!


  • Need a specialist act for your medieval banquet or Venetian masked ball? Dragonsfire is a medieval and Renaissance quartet who perform in full costume on period instruments. Performances at Tudor or Victorian themed events with light classical music or Christmas carols can also be arranged.


So, what are you waiting for? Tear free from the gaffer tape, call us, and hire an acoustic act today!