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Viva Valentine’s Day: unusual music to propose by!

Valentine proposal music

OK, let’s get straight to the point. If you’re planning to propose to your beloved this month, you might as well do it in style!

So we’ve put together a few ideas on making that moment even more magical, with a little help from our talented musicians…

You make my heart sing

What could be more romantic than someone singing their heart out underneath your love’s window! However, if you’ve got the vocal talents of a bullfrog, why not let someone else do the singing for you? Our talented opera singers are well versed in the art of being both romantic and loud, so your love will definitely hear them!


Be happy

Reggae music is so irresistible, it always makes people smile. So, if you plan to propose with others in earshot, a steel band or reggae acoustic trio won’t ruffle too many non-romantic feathers.

We Be Jammin’!

You give me fever

Picture the scene; a candlelit table, a lovely meal, and the gentle tones of Nat King Cole or Peggy Lee on the playlist. Only it isn’t, it’s one of our swing or soul vocalists performing live just for you and the love of your life. Just make sure you’ve got that engagement ring ready for action!

Gary Williams

Val Kelly

Bollywood and bling

If all that sounds a a bit tame, give your special evening a blast of Bollywood glamour. Why not go for it with a big production number complete with handsome male singer, beautiful dancers and a live Bollywood band. OK, it’s not exactly a budget option, and you’ll need way more space than just your lounge, but you’ll certainly both remember it for the rest of your lives!

Bollywood Dreams Dancers

Wild and wacky

When it comes to crowd-stopping proposals, we’ve got the artists to stop traffic and set pulses racing, even if they have no idea what’s going on!

• Tower above the crowds with an African acrobat troupe.

• Serenade your love at the hairdresser’s with a barbershop quartet

• Transport them to distant shores (almost )with Hawaiian hula dancers

• Have the ring hand-delivered by tongue-waggling Maoris doing the haka

You’ll find all these acts and more in our Miscellaneous section – take a peek and let your imagination run riot!

Still stuck for the perfect proposal surprise?

Call us on 01306 741007. We’ll talk through your ideas, your budget and your proposal venue, and come up with such awesome suggestions that your beloved will say “Yes” without hesitation!